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Motor Shows 2015 -2018


Motor Shows 2015 - 2018

At Kia, design and its language always play a key role. With this knowledge, we developed a structural concept for the trade shows in the european market. The main requirement for the alignment was the modular applicability of the architectural elements, with the desire for reusability over several years. The result was a compatible construct that could be built up and stored over and over again.

Lead agency:

Innocean Worldwide Europe

Project Management:

Studio Sasch

Architecture CONCEPTION:



upscale GmbH


In addition to responsibility in the architecture concept, we supervised the selection of suppliers and service providers, ensured Kia quality and timing, planned budgets and developed test designs until the final implementation of the concept. The graphic elements in communication for the shows in Geneva and Paris were also part of our design.

Quality makes the difference

Under this principle, a high and shiny design look with recognition value for Kia was created. The used materials were always used cost-efficiently and carefully.

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