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IONIQ Roadshow 2016


IONICQ Show 2016

Under the headlines Technology and Electromobility Hyundai presented the IONIQ brand in Europe. The foundation of the idea: A transparent and, above all, open roadshow, in which passers-by and visitors can get to know the brand impartially. The project was implemented in central locations in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan and Oslo.

Lead agenCY:

Innocean Worldwide Europe

ProjeCt Management:

Studio Sasch




Nektar Design

Out of the exhibition hall and into the city

The heart of the tour was to appear where life takes place. Just in front of curious people who want sustainable and environmentally conscious driving. Become suitable for the masses, reach as many interested parties as possible and inspire them with new functions.

E-gadgets everywhere

The IONIQ model range shines with a multitude of innovative e-gadgets that could be tried and tested. For this, we were in charge of the construction / architectural project management to execute a transparent and open designed area that invited to deal with the complex topic of electromobility.

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