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Global Booth Design 2019


Global Booth Design 2019

Together with Innocean Worldwide, we developed a holistic brand experience for the pitch of the automotive manufacturer Hyundai.
The challenge in the task: Development of a cross-trade fair concept that works worldwide.

Lead agenCY:

Innocean Worldwide Europe


Studio Sasch

Project type:


Brand content can be experienced

The visitor should be directed with a clear and central contact point to become part of the staging and the center of the action. In the heart of the architecture, he was then allowed to admire and experience various brand contents and vehicle models.

Circle and floor plan

Similar to a geometric figure, simplified like an ellipse, a light, essential architecture was created in the floor plan, which formed the frame of the exhibition stand in its circular ring.

Light and slats as eye-catchers

Luminous slats that create and illuminate space. They appear and briefly disappear. They act as a key visual element and give the stand its charismatic recognition value.

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